Frequently asked questions

  • What does PeerVerity actually do?
    We create reputation management software that enables people to develop a "web-of-trust" with those they rely on for transactions.
  • Who owns PeerVerity?
    We are a 501c registered charity and are run by a board of directors and the folks who do the work of creating our software.
  • How is PeerVerity funded?
    We are a charitable organization and anyone is free to donate. Find our donation link here.
  • When will the reputation software become available?
    We anticipate a beta release toward the end of 2023 and rolling releases thereafter which will depend on user-feedback.
  • This sounds like a dystopian social control project. Is it?
    No, not at all. It will enable you, as an individual, to create your own social web-of-trust based on your own experiences with others. This is something you already do intuitively but now you will have the benefit of powerful algorithms that can systematically and quickly assign a score to those you most rely on.